Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) Singapore Group was formed in 1993. Its objectives include the fostering of ties of mutual friendship and understanding among those practising in the field of intellectual property laws and through such ties to promote the proper protection and development of intellectual property law as well as to promote and disseminate knowledge of intellectual property law and to consider all manner of questions affecting intellectual property law. Membership is open to individuals and organisations who are practising intellectual property law in Singapore.  APAA Singapore Group is a member of Asian Patent Attorneys Association, a non government association founded in 1969 with over 1,860 members in 22 countries within the Asian and the Oceania region. APAA is engaged in enhancing the protection of intellectual property rights as the sole non-government organisation for intellectual property rights in Asia. Members of APAA meet once a year at its annual council meeting which is held in a different member country by rotation.

APAA Singapore has established contacts with government agencies and other private and professional organizations. APAA regularly organizes workshops and seminars on various aspects of intellectual property law and also publishes a periodical “IP Digest” containing articles, news and case notes on intellectual property in Singapore for members.APAA Singapore gives two Book Prizes, one to the top student of the Graduate Certificate Course in Intellectual Property Law Course and the other to the top student of the National University of Singapore’s Intellectual Property Law Course.